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Need for Sex

Human Sexuality

involuntary constriction of the outer third of the vagina that prevents penile insertion/intercourse or causes extreme pain vaginismus (arousal disorder)
recurrent or persistent genital pain in male or female before, during, or after intercourse dysparenuia (arousal disorder)
also called impotence-persistent or reoccuring inability to either achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance erectile dysfunction (ED)
self stimulation of the genitals masturbation
how often should women age 20 years or older do a self breast exam once a month
how often should a health care professional do a breast exam for women ages 20 - 29 every 3 years
how often should a health care professinal do a breast exam for women over age 40 every year
testicular exams should be performed on all males over the age of ? 15
true or falseestablishing a trusting relationship is the first thing to do in assessment of sexual health true
true or falsewhen assessing sexual health the nurse should ask direct, non-judgemental, closed questions false, open-ended questions
true or falsewhen asking questions, less sensitive questions should be asked last false, they should be asked first
true or falseduring an assessment, the nurse should pay attention to nonverbal communication and encourage ventilation of feelings true
a condition in which the foreskin of the penis is too tight phimosis
inflammation of the penis (often affects those with diabetes) balantitis
a significant decrease in or absence of both sexual fantasies and sexual activity characterizes decreased sexual desire, or low libido hypoactive sexual desire disorder
absence or delay in orgasm following the normal sexual excitement phase anorgasmia/retarded ejaculation
the male reaches orgasm and ejaculates before, at the time of, or shortly after penetration premature ejaculation
when the semen empties into the bladder instead of being ejaculated through the urethra retrograde ejaculation
true or falsesexuality is observed more than it is felt false, it is felt more
requires an intimacy that is not amenable to observation sexual expression
Created by: RobinNicole
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