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180 Days

What is an ice shelf? A platform of ice that rests on the sea.
What are ice floes? Sheets of ice in the ocean that freeze in the winter and break into pieces in the summer.
What are icebergs? Large floating mass of ice that has broken off from a glacier.
What are krill? Small, shrimp like creatures abundant in the ocean; an important food source for polar animals.
What does calving mean? Pieces of glaciers breaking off (forming icebergs).
What are katabatic winds? One of the fiercest of Antarctica's various wind patterns, with wind speeds up to 200 mph.
What can we compare the size of Antarctica to? The continental United States and Mexico
At which pole is Antarctica located? South Pole
What is the climate of Antarctica like? Inland is cold and dry, receiving about 2 inch. of rainfall per year. Coastal areas are a bit warmer and moister, receiving about 24 in. of rain per year.
What is the range in temperature from the warmest to the coldest? Winter temperatures range from -40 to -94 in the Summer from +5 to -30.
What are the mountains of Antarctica called? Transantarctic Mountains, Prince Charles Mountains, Ellsworth Mountains
Name some of the ice shelves that are part of Antarctica. Ross Ice Shelf, Larsen Ice Shelf, Filchner Ice Shelf, Shackleton Ice Shelf
Does this continent have any cities or towns? no
About how many people visit or work on Antarctica? About 50
Why do people stay at Antarctica? To do scientific research.
Where do people who live at Antarctica stay? Stations
What are some of Antarctica's natural resources? fresh water, oil, gold, copper, coal
What animals live in Antarctica? whales, penguins, seals, and several kinds of birds
What kinds of vegetation grow on Antarctica? mosses, algae, lichens, and grass on sunny slopes or coastal areas where temperatures are warmer
Who were the two men who led the "Great Race" to reach the South Pole? Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen
Where was Robert Falcon Scott from? England
Where was Roald Amundsen from? Norway
What year did the "Great Race" take place? 1909
Who won the "Great Race"? Roald Amundsen
By how many days did the winner of the "Great Race" win? 34 days
Who was the first to fly over the South Pole? U.S. Navy officer Richard E. Byrd
Who owns or controls Antarctica? no one
What was the agreement of the ownership of Antarctica named? the Antarctic Treaty
Why were stations set up in Antarctica? For scientific research
What was the international organization that led to the stations in Antarctica being established? The International Geophysical Year
What are the three main American stations located on Antarctica? Little America, McMurdo, Amundsen-Scott
What kinds of fossils have been found on Antarctica? tree trunks, ferns, dinosaur bones
What are some of today's concerns regarding Antarctica? becoming polluted, exploited or used for self-gain
Created by: sherrimclaughlin