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Greek Roots

Arch, Archi rule; govern
Dem people
Gen, Gon kind; race; origin
Gon angle
Gyn, Gyne, Gynaec, Gynec woman
Log idea; word; speech; discussion; reason; study
Archae-, Archa ancient
Hetero- various; unlike
Homo- same
Olig- few
Pan-, Panto- all
Poly- many
tele- tel- telo- far; distant
teleo-, tel-, telio-, telo- end; result; completion
-mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -maniac, -manic madness for; excessive fondness for one who has a madness for; affected with madness for
-phobia, -phhobiac, -phobe, -phobist, -phobic dread of; morbid fear of; one who has a morbid fear of; fearful; dreading
Arch, Archi: rule; govern
Dem: people
Gen, Gon: kind; race; origin
Gon: angle
Gyn, Gyne, Gynaec, Gynec: woman
Log: idea; word; speech; discussion; reason; study
Archae-, Archa: ancient
Hetero-: various; unlike
Homo-: same
Olig-: few
Pan-, Panto-: all
Poly-: many
theo god
geo earth
helio sun
dyn, dynam power; force
chron time
chrom, chromat, chro color
meter, metr measure
center, centr center
cycl circle
mono- one
bi- two
dis-, di- two; twice
iso- equal
ortho- correct; right; straight
-latry, -later, -latrous worship; worshipper; worshipping
-mancy, -mancer,- mantic divination; prophecy; divines; prophesies; prophesying; divination
path feeling; disease
bath, bathy depth
therap cure
haem, hem, -aem, -em blood
rhea, rheo, rrh, rhag flow; gush; burst
stat, stas stand; stop
erg, urg work
gno, gnos know
hemi- half
Tom cut
Ton, ten stretch tone
Chir hand
Pod foot
Cephal head
Dactyl finger; toe
Gloss, glott, glot tongue; language
Osteo bone
Derm, dermat skin
Plas, plasm, plast mold; shape; form; substance
Pauchy- thick
Tauto- same
Bio life
Phys nature; growth
Psych mind; soul, spirit
Soma, somat body
Lith, -lite stone
Petr, peter rock
Glyph, glypt carving
Icon image, idol
Astr star
Nom arrangement; law
Onoma, onym name
Ec, oec house, environment
Ethn nation
Paleo- ancient
Neo- new
Hier- sacred
-clasm, clast, clastic breakage; destruction; one who shatters or destroys, breaking; destruction
-lysis, -lyst, -lytic, lytical a loosening; solution; one who solves; loosening dissolving
-iatry, -iatrics, -iatrist; -iatric a healing; science of healing; one who heals; promoting healing
Crat, cras mix
Cosm order; world
Polit, polis city
Crit, cris separate; discern; judge
Top place
Thalass, thalatt sea
Naus, nau ship
Plut wealth
Idio- one’s own; individual
Ideo-, idea- idea
Auto- self
-cracy rule
-crat one who rules
-cratic pertaining to rule
-poly sale; selling
-pole, -polist one who sells
-polistic pertaining to selling
Dendr, dender tree
Phyll, phyllo leaf
Phyt plant
Anth flower
Sperm, spermat, spor seed; sowing
Zo animal
Hipp horse
Drom a runinning; course
Ornith bird
Ichthy fish
Entom insect
Etym true meaning; root meaning of word
Ep word
Phag eat
-oidism resemblance
-oid that which resembles
-oid, -oidal like; resembling
Gam Marriage
Morph form
Thaum, thaumat wonder
Techn art; skill
Mim imitate
Crypt conceal
Phan, phen show; appear; shine
Trop turn; respond to
Troph feed; nourish
Stroph turn
Klin, clin lean; lie; incline
Ag, agog lead
Bas, bat step; go
Bal, ball, bol, bl throw
Holo- whole
Allo- other
Acro- top, tip, end
therm heat
hydr water
hygr moisture
bar weight; pressure
phot, phos light
pyr fire
aer lower air
ether upper air
caust, caut burn
schiz, schis split; cleave
od way; path
pseudo- false; counterfeit
-phoria, -phery a bearing; a carrying; production
-phor, -pher, -phore, -phorus that which bears
-phoric, -phorous bearing; production
Aesth, esth feeling; perception
Eth habit; moral
Neur nerve
Pneum, pneumat, -pnea breath; wind
Opt, ops, op sight; view; eye
Opthalm eye
Them, the, thet, thec, thek put; place
Thanat, thanas death
Necro dead
Taph tomb
Mnem, mne, mnes memory
Soph wise
dys- difficult
-orama view
-oramist one who views
-oramic pertaing to veiwing
Mov. mob, mot move
Ven, vent come come
Sta, stat, stit, sist put in place; cause to stand; stand
Sed, sid, sess sit; settle
Cumb, cub lie; recline
Clin, cliv lean; incline; slope
Verg tend toward; bend
Jace lie
Jaci, ject, jacu throw
Mitt, miss, mise send; let go
Misc, mixt mix
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