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chapter 10

latin america

export to sell to other countries
campesino a rural farm worker
latifundia a large agricultural estate
minifundia a small plot of land intensively farmed by campesinos
cash crop a crop produced in large quantities to be sold or traded
developing country a country that is working toward greater use of manufacturing and technology
service industry an industry that provides services rather than goods
maquiladora a foreign-owned factory in Mexico
North American Free Trade Agreement an agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico that reduces trade restrictions among those countries
sustainable development technological and economic growth that does not deplete the human and natural resources of a given area
deforestation the clearing of destroying of forests
slash-and-burn farming methods using cutting and burning of trees to enrich soil
reforestation the planting of trees on land that has been stripped
shantytown a makeshift community on the edge of the city
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