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Chapter 7

Assessing Psychosocial, Cognitive, and Moral Development

Which stage of Erikson's psychosocial development theory deals with committing to social relationships? and intimate relationships Intimacy vs. Isolation
Which stage of Cognitive Development believes thoughts are demonstrated by physical manipulation of objects/stimuli? Sensorimotor stage 0 -2 years
This developmental stage involves the ability to problem solve in real world and theoretical situations. Piaget's Formal Operational Stage
This is an awareness that an object exists even though it cannot be seen. Object permanence
Piaget's preoperational phase is divided into 2 categories. Which part of this phase does the child assign the same name to several objects? Preconceptual phase
According to Erikson, the middle age adult is able to share self with others and establish relationships. If this is not achieved, which crisis dilemma manifests? Stagnation
A child sees a horse and knows it is big and has 4 legs. The child then sees a cow and believes it is a horse. This is known as? Assimulation
This is a balance between assimulation and accommadation. Equilibration
According to Freud, which part of human personality wants instant gratification? id
Oedipal and Electra complexes appear in which stage of psychosexual development? Phallic
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