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Animal Behavior 5

Animal Behavior Quiz 5 USD Fall 2018 Dr. Andrea Liebl

What is an illegitimate receiver? receiver who uses signal although not intended
What is an illegitimate signaler? individual that adopts the behavior/signal of other species for its own gain
What is illegitimate receiver persistence? there is a trade off because if you don't make the signal you don't get eaten, but you also don't get fed or a mate but if you do make the signal you probably get fed or mate or eaten but your fitness increases
What are some examples of illegitimate signalers? orchid flowers, braxin wing, displays, mimics, camo/crypsis
What are the three main reasons for illegitimate signaler persistance? 1. trade off 2. not enough evolutionary time 3. illegitimate signalers can learn
What is an honest signal? signals that accurately represent quality of individual
What is an example of an honest signal? anoles color/size of dewlaps and push-up abilities, birds sound, dancing in birds, morphological signals
Why honest signals? They give an acurate assessment for mate selection, trade-offs from resources, often reflect development and leads to handicap hypothesis
What is the handicap hypothesis? honest signal can be a handicap, but if you can maintain it then you're probably high quality
What is a cheater? individual that uses dishonest signal to own fitness advantage
What is the benefit of being a cheater? low risk with high reward
What is aggression? attack or threat of attack on another individual
What are the proximate mechanisms of aggression? testosterone, mate/ resources, social standing, presence of offspring, size, time of year
What are the ultimate mechanisms of aggression? to gain/maintain reproduction, fitness, territory, life
What is the definition of competition? interaction between individuals over a resource
Is competition always aggressive? no
What is interspecific competition? between multiple species
What is intraspecific competition? within same species
What is animal personality/syndrome? phenomenon where individuals vary systematicall in suites of behavior that are consistence within individuals thoroughout time, environment, and context
What is the proximate mechanisms of personality? increase in any hormone, suit behaviors tend to work in tandom
What are the ultimate mechanisms of personality? increases variation in a population, buffer from change
What are the consequences of personality? speciation, need for cooperation, stuck with certain behavior (suits in tandem)
What is sexual selection? Selection for a trait that gives san individual an advantage in acquiring mates
Why does sexual selection work? allows females to be choosy
What is the sexual difference theory? Male want as many mates as possible, and females want 1 or 2 of the best mates
What is the good parent theory? male ornament/coloration/dispalays are sexually selected indicators of their capcity to provide parental care
What is the healthy mates theory? male appearance is indicactive of gene quality
What is the runaway selection theory? male trait and female preference are geneticallly linked and can be passed on and eventually leads to the trait being exaggerated and detrimental to health
What is chase-away selection theory? trait isn't necessarily an honest trait, however male mutation for a novel display affects female mate choice and drives selection towards the exaggeration of the novel trait
Created by: kenzigustafson
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