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Classification Testt

Science test stuff about classification

What are the five kingdoms? Moneran, Protist, fungi, plant and animal kingdoms
Why do scientists classify organisms? To make their jobs easier and to make everything less confusing
What is the largest group in the classification system? a kingdom
What are the groupings of the classification system? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, order,family, genus, species
who used medicines to to classify? Aristotle
What is phylogeny? the evolutionary history of an organism
What does the word nomenclature mean? naming system
What does the word binomial mean? 2 name
Who invented BInomial nomenclature? Linneaus
When naming something what are the two parts and in what order? the genus and then the species
What are 3 important phylums and what are some examples of each? chordata: humans, Mollusca:clam, annelida:earthworm
What was spontaneous generation? a theory from the 17th century that living things came form non living matter
Who disaproved spontaneous generation? Fransisco Reddy and Louis Pasteur
What is biogenesis? Living organisms came from other living things..this theory was made in the 18th century
Who created the theory of biogenesis? Linneaus
what is a tool used to classify things? a dichotomus key
How do u use a dichotomus key? You follow the steps until you get to your answer
What are the 5 classes in the animal kingdom? mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish
Created by: VaLeRiA!