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ch3 science test

cells, mmicroscopes, and dissections

cell smallest unit that can perform life's processes covered by membrane and have DNA& cytoplasm
cell membrane phospholipid layer that covers cells surface; it is a barrier between inside of cell & environment
organelles 1 of the small bodies in cell cytoplasm that are specialized to perform functions
cell size large cell: egg yolk small cell: mostly small cells
surface-area-to-volume 1. find surface area 2. find volume 3.surface area divided by volume
nucleus eukaryotic cell membrane bound organelle contains DNA & role in process : growth, metabolism, reproduction
prokaryotes organism that consists of single cell that doesn't have nucleus
eukaryotes organism made up of cells that have nucleus enclosed by membrane includes animals, plants, fungi ,not arch bacteria/eu bacteria
cell wall rigid structure that surrounds cell membrane & provides support to cell
cellulose complex sugar hat most animals cant digest
golgi complex chitin some fungi have cell walls made of chitin
cytoskeleton web of proteins in cytoplasm
ribosomes cell organelle composed of RNA and protein cite of protein synthesis
endoplasmic reticulum (ER) system of membrane found in cells cytoplasm & assists production, processing, transports proteins in production of lipids
mitochondrion cell organelle surrounded by membranes and site of cellular respiration
Golgi complex helps make and package materials to transport out of cell
vesicle small cavity or sack that contains materials in eukaryotic cell
chloroplast organelle in plant and algae cells in which photosynthesis takes place
lysosomes cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes
vacuole large vesicle holds water and other materials
arm attaches eyepiece and body tube to base
base supports microscope
coarse focus adjustment knob that makes large adjustments to focus **********ALWAYS LEAVE POWER ON LOW FOCUS***********
diaphragm adjustable opening under stage allowing different amounts of light on stage
eyepiece the place where you put your eye
fine focus adjustment knob that makes smaller adjustments to focus
high- power objective large lens with high magnifying power
inclination joint adjustable joint that lets arm tilt at various angels
low- power objective small lens with low magnifying power
light source directs light upwards onto slide
revolving nosepiece rotating device that holds objectives (lenses)
stage platform on which a slide is placed
stage clips metal clips that hold slide securely onto stage
dissection cutting open dead organism to investigate its anatomy
vivisection vivi-life cutting open living organism to investigate anatomy and phycology
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