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GEO - 6 Mexico SG

Study Guide for Chapter 6 "Mexico" Test

land bridge narrow strip of land that joins two larger landmasses.
Peninsula piece of land with water on three sides
Vaquero Mexican cowhands
Plantation large farms that raise a single crop for sale
Industrialize changed its economy to rely less on farming and more on manufacturing
Maize corn
Hacienda large ranches that usually raise cattle
Plaza public squares (often found in the center of Mexican cities)
Migrant Worker people who travel from place to place when extra workers are needed to plant or harvest crops
National Debt money owed by the government
Why have many Mexicans moved to the cities of the north? many companies from the United States and elsewhere have built maquiladoras ,or factories that assemble parts made in other countries. As a result, thousands of Mexicans have flocked to cities along the US-Mexico border
How have maquiladoras affected northern Mexico’s cities? growth in these border cities has raised the standard of living in northern cities, However, this quick growth has also brought concerns about damaging the environment, pollution, and dangers to the health and safety of workers
How has NAFTA affected the people in Canada and the people in Mexico? most goods traded between these countries are free of tariffs, or special taxes.
What are three achievements of the ancient Maya? eveloped a calendar of 365 days Built huge stone temples in the shape of pyramids with steps Developed a form of writing using signs and symbols, called hieroglyphics Had a complex number system
Which European country conquered and colonized Mexico? Spain
What was the capital city of the Aztec civilization? Tenochtitlán Mexico City—Mexico’s capital— stands on this ancient site in central Mexico today.
What percentage of Mexico’s population lives in urban areas? About 75% of all Mexicans live in the country’s bustling cities
Why did Mexico’s government refuse to allow foreign factories in Mexico? for decades, the Mexican government refused to let foreign companies build factories in Mexico. Leaders feared that the companies would take their profits to their own country, thus draining money out of Mexico
Explain how Mexico’s government is similar to the government of the United States? Power is divided between national and state governments A strong president leads the national government
Explain how Mexico’s government is different from the government of the United States? The national government has much more power than the state governments The President can only serve one six-year term The President has more power than the legislative and judicial branches
What problems resulted from Mexico’s expanding population? Many people have moved to the cities to find jobs and cities have grown quickly Large numbers of people have had to take jobs that pay low wages Hundreds of thousands of people crowd together in slums
Altitude height above sea level
Latitude location north or south of the Equator
subsistence farm small plots where farmers grow only enough food to feed their families
Why is Mexico a land bridge? This land bridge connects North America and South America
What are Mexico’s major exports? Exports include coffee, cotton, vegetables, fruits, livestock, and tobacco. cars, consumer goods, and steel, clothing, petroleum and natural gas
Why is Mexico part of both North America and Latin America? Mexico is a Latin (Spanish- speaking) country on the continent of North America. Yet Mexico’s culture is closely tied to Central and South America. It is a country that bridges two continents.
Hieroglyphics a form of writing that uses signs and symbols
What effects did Spanish conquest have on Native Americans? The Spaniards made Native Americans work on the ranches and in the mines. and many died from mistreatment. Many thousands more died of diseases. Today about 90 percent of Mexico’s people follow the Roman Catholic religion.
When did Mexico win its independence from Spain? Mexicans won their independence from Spain in 1821.
Adobe sun-dried clay bricks (used to make homes)
Federal Republic where power is divided between national and state government
What are people in Mexico demanding from the Mexican government? more political freedom to make decisions that affect their everyday lives Traffic in illegal drugs is a concern to the government as well Nearly 40% of Mexico’s 100 million people live below the poverty line
What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate? The day in 1862 that Mexico defeated the invading French army in battle (May 5)
Created by: ColbyHistory



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