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Week 13

Sources of energy Batteries, solar panels, and turbines moving can all be what?
Mechanical energy Putting batteries in a toy is an example of what?
Series circuit When one light goes out, all the lights go out.
Parallel circuit When one light goes out, the other lights stay on.
Conductors Nails, paper clips, pennies, and safety pins can all be classified as what?
Soluble If sugar dissolves in water, that means it is what?
Insoluble If sand does not dissolve in water, that means it is what?
Insulators Cloth, paper, wood, cardboard, rubber, Styrofoam, and glass are all examples of?
Refracting the light as it passes through When light transmits through a prism, it bends and shows a rainbow at another angle. What is the prism doing to the light?
It reflects the light back towards me When pointing a laser at a mirror what happens?
Force A push or a pull
Friction The force in which two object rub against each other causing them to heat up or slow down
Weathering A rock being broken down is an example of what?
Erosion Sediment being carried away by a river is an example of what?
Deposition Sediment falling to the ground after being carried away is an example of what?
Rotation Earth spinning on its axis to create day and night is an example of what?
Revolution Earth going all the way around the sun to create the seasons is an example of what?
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