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Radiopaque Lesions

How do radiopaque areas appear on radiographs? whiter than the normal radiographic appearance of the bone
Unilocular lesions are? single radiopaque or radiolucent areas
Multilocular lesions often appear/are described as _______________ soap bubble appearance
Malignant or aggressive conditions often have what kind of margin in radiographic lesions ? i'll defined margins
Radiographically lesions that have clearly defined or well-demarcated margins are associated with what type of lesions. Benign and less aggressive lesions
Define resorption destruction of the root
What term is used when there is "movement toward each other" convergence
What term is used when there is "movement away form each other" divergence
What lesion am I? Etiology: Is an inflammatory lesion that occurs because of a reaction to a low-grade inflammatory stimulus such as trauma, pulpitis, or necrosis. Normally involves the apex of the root Focal sclerosing osteomyelitis
Focal sclerosing osteomyelitis radiographic appearance radiograph sometimes exhibits a varying radiopaque area at the apex of the tooth and surrounding area
Focal sclerosing osteomyelitis often affects what age group and usually affects what teeth? young adults and first molars
Break down and define the words in focal sclerosing osteomyelitis focal=one area sclerosing= dense/thick bone/scarring (radiodense) osteomyelitis=inflammation of the bone localized dense inflammed bone
What treatment options are there for focal sclerosing osteomyelitis endodontics, extraction, restoration of the tooth/teeth, or no treatment
True osteomyelitis, whether focal, diffuse, sclerosing, or nonsclerosing, is normally caused by what? infection
True or False: Cementoblastoma, Odontoma, Osteoma,Gardner Syndrome are traumatic or inflammatory lesions. False: they are neoplasms
“True tumor of cementum” or neoplasm of cementoblasts Symptoms: possible pain; asymptomatic Location: Posterior Md or Mx- Tumor is attached to the tooth root; appears as a radiopaque calcified mass with a radiolucent halo (periodontal ligament space) Cementoblastoma
What are the tissue components of a hamartoma? mixture of enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp
What are the two forms of odontomas? complex and compound
Complex odontomas consist of ? consists of a collection (mixture) of hard tissues that include deposits of enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp all together in a masslike calcified form.
Compound odontomas resemble? resembles small teeth and appears in a collection of calcified material.
Describe the radiographic appearance of a cementoblastoma radiopaque calcified mass with a radiolucent halo; bowling ball
Who am I: Mixed odontogenic tumors are comprised of both epithelial and *mesenchymal tissues. Treatment: Excision (surgical removal) is the treatment of choice Prognosis: excellent Two forms: complex and compound Odontoma
Fill in : Osteoma are ______________ tumor consisting of mature __________ or ____________ bone. ` benign; compact or cancellous
I am found on md, mx, condyle, skull or sinus region Appears as a dense opaque growth on the bone, with clumped calcification's that resemble tooth-like structures Asymptomatic, although may have vague symptoms who am I Osteoma
True or false: Osteomas are asymptomatic True
Gardner syndrome is? An inherited disorder characterized by polypōsĭs associated with multiple hard and soft tissue tumors
what are polyp a benign tumor protruding from a mucous membrane
what can polyps develop into stomach and GI cancer
Who am I? A disease Is a congenital sclerosing disease of bone, characterized by osteoclastic dysfunction hereditary Also known as Albers-Schönberg disease and marble bone Osteopetrosis
Osteopetrosis is known as what type of disorders congenital or genetic disorder
What is an extraoral characteristic of osteopetrosis prognathic profile
Osteopetrosis occurs almost exclusively in the what structure mandible
Intraoral charecteristics of osteopetrosis are? delayed tooth eruption, enamel hypoplasia, defects in the periodontal membrane, and thickened lamina dura.
Which form of osteopetrosis has a poor prognosis? infantile form
True or false:The adult form of osteopetrosis presents with malformations of dental crowns and root canals, often with pseudo-odontomas. true
Which of the following conditions is not a neoplasm? Cementoblastoma Gardner syndrome Odontoma Osteopetrosis Osteoma Osteopetrosis
Multiple osteomas, associated with Gardner syndrome, often precede onset of colonic polyps which almost always eventually become _______________-.(benign or malignant). malignant
what is another name for focal sclerosing osteomyelitis ? condensing osteitis
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