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LA3 - C6 Review

Latin Alive 3 - Chapter 6 Review Vocabulary

ac / atque and
aestās, aestātis, m. summer
alius, -a, -um another, other
ante (+ acc.) before
aptus, -a, -um fitted, appropriate, adapted, apt
aqua, -ae, f. water
aut or
bōs, bōvis, c. cow, bull
caelum, -ī, n. sky, heaven
capiō, capere, cēpī, captum to seize, take
cēterus, -a, -um the remaining, the rest
clausus, -a, -um closed
cōgitō (1) to think, consider, plan
culīna, -ae, f. kitchen
discēdō, -cēdere, -cēssī, -cēssum to depart, leave
duo, duae two
ē / ex (+ abl.) out of
edō, edere/ēsse, ēdī, ēsum to eat
enim for (postpositive)
etiam even
faciō, facere, fēcī, factum to do, make
familia, -ae, f. family, household (including slaves)
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātus to bring, carry
fēssus, -a, -um tired out, exhausted
fiō, fierī, factus sum to become, be made, happen
fundus, - ī, m. farm, estate
fūr, fūris, m. thief
habeō, habēre, habuī, habitum to have, hold; consider
habitō (1) to dwell in, inhabit
hīc here
hic, haec, hoc this
ineō, -īre, -īvī/-iī, -itum to go in, enter
inimīcus, -a, -um enemy, hostile
ita thus, so, in this way
iuvō, iuvāre, iūvī, iūtum to help, benefit; be pleasing
lacus, lacūs, m. lake, pond, pool
locus, -ī, m. place
lūx, lūcis, f. light; dawn
magnus, -a, -um great, big, huge
metuō, metūere, metuī to fear
minus less
modo (adv.) only
mollis, molle soft, tender
nec / neque nor, and not
noceō, nocēre, nōcuī, nocitum to harm (+ dat.)
nūllus, -a, -um no, not any
oleum, -ī, n. oil
oportet it is fitting for someone (acc.) to do somethingi (inf.)
opus, operis, n. work, labor
ōtium, -ī, n. leisure, peace
parō (1) to prepare
pōnō, pōnere, posuī, positus to put, place; put down
pōtō (1) to drink
prīmus, -a, -um first
prohibeō (2) to keep out
prope (+ acc.) near, next to
proximus, -a, -um next (+ acc.), nearest to (+ acc.)
quid what
redeō, -īre, -īvī/-iī, -itum to return, go back
rēs, reī, f. thing, matter, affair
satis enough
scīō (4) to know
semper always
sub (+ abl.) under
tempestās, tempestātis, f. storm, weather, season
ubi where, when
ūnus, -a, -um one
ūsus, -ūs, m. use, benefit, usefulness
ut (+ ind.) as, when, just as; (+ subj.) in order that, that, so that
-ve or
vīlla, vīllae, f. country estate
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