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Body systems

What is the carina? Where the bronchi split
What does the larynx consist of? Epiglottis, thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, cricothyroid membrane
What is surfactant? Improves compliance and prevents alveoli collapse
What is involved in inspection of the respiratory system? SOB? Speaking normally? Cough/noise? Cyanosis? Rest rate, depth, ryhtmn and strength, odema, trachea position
What is involved in respiratory palpitation assessment? Equal? Crepitus? Pain?
What a involved in respiratory percussion assessment? Resonant sound is normal Dull sound means solid/fluid
What is involved in respiratory auscultation assessment? Listen at apex, 2nd, 4th mid-clavicular, 6th mid-axillar Absent sounds, plural rub, diminished, stridor, wheeze, crackles (fine= peripheral airway, coarse= fluid in lung)
Respiratory system presenting complains questions you could ask? Cough, sputum, dysphasia, pain
Question about coughs? Acute or chronic? Is it productive? Does anything make it worse/better? Severity?
Questions about sputum? Colour? Pink= pulmonary oedema Green= infection Rust= TB
Questions about pain? Type? OPQRST
Past medical history and social history relating to respiratory system Diseases, COPD, asthma, TB, chronic coughs ?PE, travel Drug history Allergies Smoking/alcohol use Living situation Occupation
What are the names of the coronary arteries and where do they provide blood? Right coronary artery, marginal branch & posterior inter-ventricular branch Left coronary artery, circumflex and left anterior descending
What is stroke volume? The amount of blood ejected from the ventricle in one contraction
What is cardiac output? The amount of blood ejected from the ventricle in one minute (Stroke volume x HR)
What is pre load? The amount the ventricle needs to stretch. When venous return is increased the ventricles stretch to increase blood volume and therefore increase preload.
What is after load? The pressure the ventricle must generate to push blood into the aorta
What is contractility? It affects the rate of ventricle pressure, greater contractility= greater stroke volume and cardiac output
What is arteriosclerosis? Thickening and hardening if lumen walls and affects the lumens ability to change size
What is atherosclerosis? An inflammatory form of arteriosclerosis
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