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IG6 review 1 roots

biped creature with 2 feet
emancipate to set free
manufacture to create by hand or in factory, to produce
manipulate to skillfully operate by hand
pedestrian person crossing the street
impediments something that stands in one's way
quadruped creature with 4 feet
maneuver to handily or skillfully go around something
ped foot
man/manu hand
spec to see, look
dict to speak
spectator a person who watches something
inspect to look carefully in search of flaws
verdict final ruling in court case; guilty or nonguilty
respect to look up to someone; to show honor
dictator ruling with absolute power over others
contradict to speak against; to say the opposite
perspective one's own viewpoint, opinion
retrospective to look back at the past
predict to say what might happen before it occurs in future
diction the manner in which something is expressed in words (written or spoken)
ject to throw
sect to cut
trisect to cut in 3 parts
insect arthropod with 3 body sections
reject to throw something out because it is defective and can't be used
section a separate part of something
jettison to throw overboard
dissect to cut for investigation
eject to throw out; push out
subjected under another's rule or power
intersection 2 roads or lined that cross
interjection a word thrown into a sentence or conversation
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