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Module H Vocab

Health Assessment Module H Vocabulary

mammary 1 of the 2 half-moon-shaped glands on either side of the adult female chest, fatty tissue and the nipple make up the breast. in each mammary gland is a network of sacs that produce milk during lactation and send it to the nipple via a system of ducts
areola the small darkened area around the nipple of the breast
mastectomy the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely. a mastectomy is usually carried out to treat breast cancer
fibrocystic a common condition characterized by lumpiness in one or both breasts due to the presence of multiple small cysts and masses
benign a condition, tumor, or growth that is not cancerous
metastatic/metastasis the process by which cancer spreads from the place at which it first arose as a primary tumor to distant locations in the body
gynecomastia swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone
supernumerary nipple/polymastia usually smaller than normal and vestigial. they tend to occur along a roughly curved line that extends from near the armpit, through the center of the normal breast, and down to the lower abdomen
nipple inversion a condition in which the nipple is pulled inward into the breast instead of pointing outward
peau d'orange a swollen pitted skin surface overlying carcinoma of the breast in which there is both stromal infiltration and lymphatic obstruction with edema
SBE subacute bacterial endocarditis; is an infection of the inner lining of the heart and the heart valves
mastitis inflammation of one or more mammary glands within the breast, usually in a lactating woman
dimpling/retraction a slight natural indentation or hollow in the surface of some part of the human body
paget's disease the combination of scaly skin changes of the nipple resembling eczema and an underlying cancer of the breast; the nipple and areola are typically red, inflamed and itchy
mastalgia breast pain
menarche females frst period
gravida the number of times a woman is or has been pregnant, regardless of the pregnancy outcome
para the number of births that a woman has had after 20 weeks gestation
malignant cancerous
tail of spence extension of the tissue of the breast that extends into the axilla
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