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Problems of mating???

women's long-term mate preferences economic resources, social status, age, ambition/industriousness
mating momentary act
short term mating male's only parental role
long term mating male around for parental investment
women's physical preferences bigger, stronger men with food, shelter to promote survival and health
women's preference for resourses increases when rearing offspring need for resources up and ability to get resources down
benefits of sexual reproduction reduces competition between kin, combats parasites
sexual reproduction costs physiological (eggs vs sperm)
female reproduction costs internal gestation, lactation, rearing/protection
mate characteristics physical, psycho-social, wealth
preferences should be associated with traits with greater reproductive success
because mate selection difficult problem many EPMs working in interactive and context sensitive fashion should be associated with selecting mate
reproduction central driver (currency) of evolution similar across species, well studied
poor and rich have more children
extreme pickiness selected against
opportunities and preferences don't often perfectly coincide
mating EPMs interactive and sensitive to context
resources particularly important for pregnant female ability down, needs up
LTM foresee long term relationship: months to years
no male perfect on all dimensions women have range of preferences
women's preferences economic (shrikes cache size)
human male conditions accrued, retained resources, willingness to share, reliable signals of male resources and potential
female preferences economic resources across cultures (twice male rating)
European literature study theme prince and lady
male preferences (mail order bride study) responsible, hardworking, loving
income increased rating _ out of 10 for men, but no effect for women 2
preference for status (correlates with wealth) seen across cultures
sugar daddies much more common than sugar mammas
age preference correlates with social status and peaks around 30 (ETA strength and skills)
male average for first marriage: women prefer males 3 years older
female average for first marriage: men prefer females 3 years younger
Tiwis (Australia) most mates for males over 30 and increase with age
amazon groups: attractiveness correlates with hunting ability
EPMs mediating preferences for traits that predict resources also exist
females see "hard working" as more important than men in mate
women's long term mating preferences willingness to share resources, love, stability and dependability, willingness to invest in children
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