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Lennox #1

Social Studies Test #1

Region an area that shares on or more features
needs things that people must have in order to live
ethnic group people that have their own language and culture
Custom something that members of a group usually do
tradition a culture's special way of doing something
culture the way of a group of people
wants the things that a people would like to have
heritage the history, beliefs, ideas that people receive from the past
honor to show great respect
holiday a way people share and celebrate their cultures
St. Patrick Day celebrate the person that brought Christianity to Ireland
Kwanza Cultural holiday celebrated by African Americans for 7 days. Each day stands for a basic truth
Cinco de Mayo The 5th of May, Mexican celebration of their victory over the French army
Belle Kinney Sculptor of Famous people from Tennessee, like Andrew Jackson.
Aaron Douglas Painted murals that showed African American History. like the Jazz age of the 1940's
Kate Augusta Carl Lived in the late 1800's in Memphis, Tennesee and she studied art in France, taught Art and later lived in China
Charles Frederick Decker Sr. A potter, lived in the late 1800's,
Chiyo-ni Japanese Haiku poet
El Anatsui Mixed media African Artist.
Created by: sblvnmll