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odyessus on his way home from the battle of troy.

who did odysseus make angry and how? odysseus made the god Poseidon angry when he did not worship him and tricked his son.
who was the first goddess to keep odysseus captive? calypso holds odysseus captive
wht did the goddess circe do to odysseus men? circe lured the men into her house wiht food and wine and then turned them to pigs.
where did odysseus have to go before he could get him men back/ the land of the dead
what did odysseus tel his men to do when they passed the sirens? tie odysseus up and if he cried and pleaded to be freed to get up and tie hie=m with more rope and tighter.
what fate did odysseus knnow but not tell him men of when the were intering scylla's cave? odysseus knew that the men would be eaten and knew they should not fight he aso knew that chary bdis was up ahead.
what was the forewarning from tiresias and circe? not to go on the island of the sun that it would only be trouble.
what happened on the island of the sun? strong winds stoped them from leaving and they got hungry and odysseus told them not to eat the cattle when he fell asleep the ate them.
how does erylochus persuade odysseus to stop at helios? he says that they are tired and they need slp and land and asks the crew to agree withhim and the agree?
what happens to odysseusand his men? helios asked zues to punish them for eatting him cattle and then he trows lighting bolts at them and at their ship.leaving odysseus alive.
who is odyessus disguised as when he returns home and sees his son? and who helps him. an old begger. athena.
who did telemachus think his father was when he showed him his true apperance? a god
what did telemachus and odysseus plan to do to the suiters. to kill them
Created by: zw