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types of protists


What is another name for an "Animal like Protist"? A protozoan
What are the 4 types of protozoans? A sarcodine, a Ciliate, a Zooflagellate and a sporozoan
What is an example of a Sarcodine? an Ameba
What is an example of a Ciliate? a Paramecium
What is an example of a zooflagellate? a Giardia
What is an example of a Sporozoan? a Plasmodium
What are the 3 types of protists? Animal like (sporozoan), Plant like and fungus like
Protists: are the junk-drawer kingdom & and live in moist surroundings
a False foot, enables an Ameba to move around and engulf food a psudopod
What is a structure that collects h2o and spits it out a contractile vacoule
A Ciliate has 2 nuclei. What are they called? The Macro nucleis and the Micro nucleis
What is the Macro nucleus' job? controls every day tasks
What is the Micro nucleus' job? helps conjucation
What is interaction between 2 species where 1 benefits symbiosis
where both partners benefit mutualism
What are the 3 types of Fungus-like protists? water molds, downy mildews and slime molds
Water molds/downy mildews: Live in wet/damp places, grow as tiny threads.
Slime molds: live in moist soil/decaying plants, many colors.
What are the 6 types of Plant-like protists? Euglenoids, Dinoflagellates, Diatoms, Green, red and brown algae
A red tide: is in salt h2o only, often red, produce toxins
Created by: tigerkat3