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歪曲 わいきょく distortion; falsification; perversion
終止符を打つ しゅうしふ/を/うつ put an end (to); close the books (on)
所在 しょざい whereabouts
看過 かんか connivance; shutting one's eyes to
降伏 こうふく capitulation; surrender; submission
分割 ぶんかつ partition; division; separation; segmenting; splitting
総督 そうとく governor-general; governor; viceroy
作為 さくい act; commission (of a crime)
着目 ちゃくもく attention
先手を打つ せんて/を/うつ to forestall; to beat to the punch
獲得 かくとく acquisition; possession
外在 がいざい external
後述のように こうじゅつ/の/ように as described below; described later
合作 がっさく collaboration; joint work
因果 いんが cause and effect; karma; fate
関与 かんよ participation; taking part in; participating in; being concerned in
秩序 ちつじょ order; regularity; system; method
封じ込め ふうじこめ containment
踏みにじる ふみにじる to trample underfoot; to tread on; to crush with a foot
残滓 ざんさい remains; dregs; vestiges
清算 せいさん ending (a relationship); breaking up (with); burying (the past); redeeming (one's faults)
主体的 しゅたいてき independent; responsible; active; proactive
強硬 きょうこう firm; vigorous; unbending; unyielding; strong; stubborn
対峙 たいじ squaring off against (adversaries, armies, forces); standing off against; holding one's own with
鑑みる かんがみる to take into account; to bear in mind; in view of; in the light of
難くない かたくない easy (to ...)
不条理 ふじょうり absurdity; irrationality; inconsistency
幻滅 げんめつ disillusionment
契機 けいき opportunity; chance
扇動/煽動 せんどう incitement; sedition; agitation; abetting
応酬 おうしゅう exchange; reciprocation; give-and-take; return
剥き出し/剝き出し むきだし nakedness; frankness
見地 けんち point of view
騒擾 そうじょう riot; disturbance
擁護 ようご protection; advocacy; support; defence; championship; vindication
鎮圧 ちんあつ suppression; subjugation
宗主国 そうしゅこく suzerain state (state that controls another in international affairs, but allows it domestic sovereignty)
崩壊 ほうかい collapse; crumbling; breaking down; caving in
頻繁 ひんぱん frequent; incessant
彷彿 ほうふつ close resemblance; vivid reminder (e.g. of the past)
配線 はいせん wiring
相続 そうぞく
succession; inheritance
打ち立てる うちたてる to establish; to formulate
立件 りっけん to build a criminal case against someone
収監 しゅうかん imprisonment
末端 まったん end; tip; extremities; terminal
仕える つかえる to serve; to work for; to attend
如実 にょじつ reality; things as they really are
他でもない ほかでもない what I want to say is ...; the fact of the matter is ...
服従 ふくじゅう obedience; submission; resignation
完遂 かんすい to accomplish; to carry out
宣揚 せんよう enhancement
後に のちに later on; subsequently; by and by; after a while
担う になう to carry on shoulder; to bear (burden); to shoulder (gun)
見捨てる みすてる to abandon; to fail; to desert; to forsake
乖離 かいり divergence; alienation; deviation; estrangement; separation; detachment
促進 そくしん promotion; acceleration; encouragement; facilitation; spurring on
提唱 ていしょう advocacy; proposal
企図 きと plan; project; scheme
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