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Lect. 10fear,Suicide

fears, phobias, suicide

conditioned fear responses aquired more easily for common fears (snakes, spiders) than for more dangerous things (cars, electrical outlets)
high cost of constant fear means sensiltivity to context, not chronic (developmental: 6-24 months-> stranger anxiety; reflects mobility and verbal skills)
EPM fears must be reliably expressed in developmental period separtion anxiety from 6 to 20 months
phobias may result from present abnormally safe environment lowering threshold
female phobias twice men's physical vulnerability of self and offspring may raise sensitivity to dangers; men's rewards greater (hunting, reproduction)
suicide destroys classical fitness
suicide compatibe with inclusive fitness if reproduction possibility low, burden to kin
suicide correlated with age, employment, sickness .013 < 45; .018>65; make sure people feel needed, have mating opporturities
Created by: james22222222