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GI and UrinarySystem

renovascular blood vessel of the kidneys
nephrostomy surgical insertion of a catheter
nephrolithectomy surgical removal of a kidney stone
nephroureterectomy surgical excision of kidney and ureter
suprarenal above kidney
incontinency unable to control bladder
frequency often/frequent urination
dysuria painful urination
urgency sudden feeling to urinate
urethrostenosis narrowing of ureter
urethrocele herniation of urethra
polyuria abnormally large quantity of urine
hematuria blood in the urine
pyuria pus in the urine
glycosuria sugar in the urine
bilateral nephromegaly r&l kidney enlargement
oliguria few or scanty urination
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
nephrolithiasis presence of kidney stones
pyelotomy renal pelvic surgical opening cytoplasty
uremia toxic products in blood
glomerulonephritis inflammation of glomerolous and kidney
cystocele herniation of the bladder
BUN blood urea nitrogean
I&O intake and output
GU genitourinary infections
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
PSA prostate specific antigen
inravenous urogram urine record
cheilitis inflammation of the lip
esophageal varices enlarged & swollen veins at the bottom of the esophagus
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
GI gastrointestinal
diverticulum herniation of tubular organ
diverticulitis inflammation of 1 or more diverticulua
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
cirrhosis chronic disease of the liver
cholelithiasis condition of stones in gallbladder
cholecystectomy gallbladder removal
pancreatolithiasis stones in the pancreas
sialotithiasis stone in the salivary gland
lithotripsy dissolve stone with shock waves (nonsurgical)
buccal canty area between teeth and cheeks
sublingual under the tongue
glossal tongue
rugal wrinkle or folds
intussuception intestines folding into self
hematochezia blood in the stool
hemoccuet to test blood in the stool
polydipsia excessive thirst
anorexia loss of appetite
anorexia nervosa self induced starvation
hematemesis vomiting blood
eupepsia normal digestion
dyspepsia difficult digestion
bolus chewed up food
chyme liquid mass
mastication chewing up food
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