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nursing Ethics ch 5

Nursing Ethics ch 5

The consideration of standards of conduct or The study of philosophical ideals of right and wrong behavior Ethics
Guide public behavior that affects others; preserves the community Laws
Judgment about behavior; similar to values Morals
Personal belief about the worth of a given idea or behavior Value
Independence; self-determination; self reliance Autonomy
fairness or equity Justice
set of ethical principles that all members of a profession accept Code of ethics
faithfulness; striving to keep promises Fidelity
execution of duties associated with a nurse's particular role; Responsibility
Ability to answer for your actions Accountability
Not disclosing personal healthcare information Confidentiality
Ability to form an opinion or draw sound conclusions Judgement
Educating your patient and supporting their decisions Advocacy
The specific knowledge & skills necessary to perform a task Competence
The "right" thing to do isn't clear & the healthcare team can't agree on a solution. Ethical Dilemma
goals are to educate, recommend policy & review special cases; including the family & patient in the process Institutional ethics committee
1)Is this an ethical dilemma?2)Gather all related information3) Examine your own opinions/values4)State the problem clearly5) Consider possible courses or action6)Negotiate the outcome7)Evaluate the action How to process an ethical dilemma
Created by: jbarone