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Vocab list 3 and 4

One that serves as a pattern or model. Paradigm
Intense, forcefulness of expression/full of rigor or energy - like a storm Vehement
Everyday. common place/daily. Quotidian
Relating to a tempest (violant windstorm agitation/commotion/an uproar.) temptestuous
Underlying base or foundation esp. for organization or system. infastructure
The use of words to something different/opposite their literal. Irony
Having harmful affect. Deleterious
Eating and drinking in moderation Abstemious
Redundancy - needless repitition (widow) Tautologies
worked/put together/created or shaped by hammering with tools (wrought iron) not rough or crude. Wrought
To seize and hold by force and without legal authority. To take over or occupy without right. Usurp
Playfully jocular/humorous. Facetious
Mournful, dismal, gloomy, to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree. Lugurbious
Impossible to dispute/unquestionable. Incontrovertible
One of the same or similar or kind/uniform in structure. Homogeneous
To repeat in concise form. Recapitulate
dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks with him/herself or reveals his thoughts and feelings – to no particular listener (monologue – ish). Soliloquy
basic unit of currency in Europe. Euro
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