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Copyright & Fair Use

Midterm review

What is copyright? Legal right given to the originator to print or publish work and give permission to others to the same thing.
What might happen to a student if they don't cite the sources they got from the internet? They will get cited for plagiarism.
What does fair use do? Allows you to use the original work.
What are the exceptions one can cite for fair use? It depends on what your purpose is to use the work, the amount that is used from the original work, and the effect it will have on the original work.
What is creative commons? Gives permission to people to use their work.
T/F You need a license for creative commons. True
T/F Architecture can be copyrighted True
T/F Things like names and titles are copyrighted. False
What is persuasion? The act of persuading or making people believe or do something.
What is a persuasive essay? Uses logic and reasoning to show why an idea is legitimate than the others idea.
T/F A counterargument is not a part of a persuasive essay but is a part of an argumentative essay. False
Name some of the elements in a persuasive essay 1. Clear, firm, and debatable thesis. 2. Well developed argument with strong evidence 3. Clearly organized structure 4. Strong conclusion 5. Purposeful and precise word choice 6. Varied sentence structure
What is a narrative? A literary work that involves the retelling of a story.
What does a narrative include? Main theme, characters, plot, and a setting.
Name some conflicts that are in the plot of a narrative. Human vs Human, Human vs Society, Human vs Nature, Human vs Himself/Herself.
T/F A protagonist is the person against the main character in the narrative. False
T/F The social condition of a character contributes to the setting as well. True
Created by: areebaq