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flashcards on Spas

phriobhaid privacy
thar aon rud eile more than anything else
anuas sa mhullach getting on top of her
ag machnamh ar a cas brooding on her situation
ce is moite apart from
mas fendit lei if she can
braitheann is i fein noise fears she feels better
osna sigh
i bhfad ar shiul far away
saolaiodh was born
in aon seomra lei in the same room
reitigh agree
in ord is in eagar in order
cuireadh she was made to
iachall she had to
glorach noisy
aru areir the night before last
thainig na deora lei tears came to her eyes
de shior perpetually
ar a cumas e a dheanamh within her ability
aimsiu to find
ag breachadh jotting down
faoiseamh relief
mbinse tosaigh front desk
chuir an muinteoir satire ina leith go the history teacher accused her of
ar a saimhin so at her ease
faoi bhois chait acu under their thumbs
smeideadh wink
a thocas to scratch
ina chior thuathail in chaos
ag druimdim isteach closing in
faoi ghlas locked in
socair ina theannta at ease, content, in his company
cosc a chur uirthi to forbid her
i ndeireadh na feide at her wits' end
mamo granny
i chuing na daoirse under the yoke of oppression
run daingean a firm resolve
dorchla corridor
theastaigh to want
hathruithe changes
bhi si in ann a rogha rud a dheanamh she could do whatever
bru pressure
fiu amhain even at
bhraith si she felt
caoin cheasta gentle
thuilleadh anymore
bheadh she would be
scriobhfadh would write
Created by: Santiagolej