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Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals Study Guide

What does the respiratory system do for our bodies? It brings oxygen and removes gas from our bodies.
What are some examples of features that keep an animal safe? Scales Shells Exoskeletons
What are some examples of features that keep an animal alive? Lungs Blood Heart
What is the stoma of a plant? The stoma of a plant is pores in the plants leaves that allow for gas exchange.
What plant traits would help it survive in the dessert? Traits that would help a plant survive in the dessert are leaves, roots, stems, and flowers.
Where does photosynthesis occur in the plant? Leaves of a plant
What is mimicry? Mimicry is when one living thing looks like another living thing. (Mimics the other animals by its looks)
What is camouflage? Camouflage is blending into its environment.
What are the properties of a seed that help it reproduce? The properties of a seed that help it reproduce are the hardness of a shell because it helps protect the seed and they carry food supply to the growing plant.
Vertebrates are endoskeletons. What does this mean? Their skeleton is in the inside of their body. Endo means inside.
True or false, fins allow a fish to survive in it's environment. True
Why is it important for animals to survive in a group? Write your answer on piece of paper.
Do tigers most often live in a group? No, tigers often do NOT live in groups.
What does advantage mean? The quality of having a superior or more favorable position.
What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is all living things and their interactions with each other and the environment in which they live in. All living things in an ecosystem interact with each other.
Name 2 adaptations of elephants. 1) Their size 2) Their long tusks
What is hibernation? Hibernation: animals that sleep through the winter. These animals use little energy during the winter months. i.e. bears hibernate
What adaptation do ducks have? Webbed feet
What adaptation do cactus have? Thick waxy coat
What is an example of mimicry in reptiles? Reptiles that look like poisonous reptiles are examples of mimicry.
How does competition between animals help them survive? Write your answer on piece of paper.
What if not enough is not done to help an endangered species? That species become extinct.
Why would it be helpful for seals to live in a group? Write your answer on piece of paper.
Created by: jrmeade77