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Immobilised Enzymes

What kingdom does yeast belong to? Fungi
What group of biomolecules do enzymes belong to? Proteins
What is an immobilised enzyme? Enzymes that are attached to eachother or an inert material
What is the purpose of sodium alginate in enzyme immobilisation? To trap the enzyme
Whats the purpose of calcium chloride in enzyme immobilisation? To make the gel insoluble
Purpose of the syringe in enzyme immobolisation? To drop slowly the sodium alginate/yeast mixture
Why are the bead left for 15 mins? To allow time to harden
Why are the beads washed with water? To remove excess yeast cells
Whats the substrate in the experiment? Sucrose
Whats the enzyme? Sucrase(found in yeast)
Whats the product? Glucose
Test for glucose? Using clinistix
Whats the benefits of immobilised enzymes? A. Can be recovered and reused B. Increases its stability C. Cheaper D. Efficiency of the enzyme isnt affected
Whats the uses of an immobilised enzyme? Lactose--lactase--glucose & galactose
What is Biopressing? The use of an enzyme-controlled reaction to produce a product
What is a Bioreactor? Is a vessel or container in which living cells or their products are used to make a product
What is an enzyme? A biological catalyst made of protein
What is a catalyst? Is used to speed up a chemical reaction but isnt used up in the reaction
What is a denatured enzyme? When the enzyme loses its 3D globular folded shape and cannot function
How do you keep a pH constant in these experiments? Using a PH buffer =7/9
Where in a cell are enzymes produced? Ribozomes
Created by: Lizzy Kavanagh