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Chpt 1 Terminology

Office Systems & Technology Terminology & Basic Concepts of Information Processi

Frequent interchange between the user at the data entry terminal and the processor unit during the execution of a program. Interactive Mode
A paper copy of a document. Hard Copy
Operating system software that provides a fixed amount of time to a user for processing. Time Sharing
Computer system component that manipulates raw data, moves information, and performs required arithmetic or logic operations in a digital computer system; consists of a control unit and the arithmetic/logic unit. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Processed data that is timely, meaningful, and useful to the recipient. Information
Multiprogramming on a single user operating system. Multitasking
For efficiency, processing business transactions in a group at a future time. Batch Processing
A foundation that includes all the technical resources shared within the organization – computer hardware, software, storage, data management, and networks. Information Technology Infrastructure (IT)
The concurrent execution of two or more application software programs in a computer system that serves multiple users Multiprogramming
An information system used by knowledge workers to create new information and knowledge. Knowledge Work Systems (KWS)
An information system that uses transaction processing system and management information system data, as well as external sources in sophisticated analytical models to support semi-structured decisions. Decision Support Systems (DSS)
An information system for senior management queries on external and internal data; projections about the future are provided for strategic decisions. Executive Support Systems (ESS)
Eliminating the need for manually recording data on a source document and keying data input by using online terminals and input devices to enter data directly into the computer system at the time the business transaction originates. Source Data Automation
A processing method where a user enters transactions through an input device that is directly connected to the computer system. Online Processing
When the computer-based information system is not in operation Downtime
The conceptual design of how an organization achieves business processes (applications) and goals Information Architecture
The time it takes between submission of data to a computer-based information system and receipt of output information. Turnaround Time
An original record of a business transaction. Source Document
An information system that uses transaction processing system data to provide management with online access for structured summary and exception reports that address management functions. Management Information Systems (MIS)
The electronic output viewed on a computer screen Soft Copy
An information system used by all organizational levels to manipulate and disseminate information electronically. Office Systems (OS)
An employee who works at home and is connected to the office data through a communication channel. Telecommuter
information system basic to business operations that captures daily business transactions as records, has highly structured processing, & produces automatic output on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis for supervisors & operations personnel Transaction Processing Systems
The simultaneous execution of two or more application software programs in a computer system that serves multiple users. Multiprocessing
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