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Regular Irish verbs

Bris To break
Fág To leave
Fan To stay
Fill To return
Féach ar To look at
Breathnaigh To look
Éist To listen
Cuir To put
Aontaigh To agree
Mothaigh To feel
Can To sing
Cas To turn
Mol To advise
Cruthaigh To create
Aistrigh To translate
Litrigh To spell
Craol To broadcast
Dún To close
Tarraingt To draw
Tarlaigh To happen
Ceannaigh To buy
Dúisigh To wake up
Bailigh To collect
Éisigh To issue
Éirigh To get up
Léigh To read
Tuig To understand
Sroich To reach
Scread To screan
Seas To stand
Íoc To pay
Glan To clean
Glac To accept
Iarr To ask/request
Freagair To answer
Gabh To give/pay
Creid To believe
Caill To lose
Blais To taste
Béic To shout
Bain To take off
Múin To teach
Séid To blow
Póg To kiss
Gortaigh To hurt
Glaoigh To call
Pléigh To discuss
Scríobh To write
Buail le To meet with
Buail To hit
Tit To hit/fall
Seol To send
Ceistigh To question
Mínigh To explain
Athraigh To change
Eagraigh To organise
Ceap To think
Díol To sell
Scar To divide/separate
Líon To fill
Lean To follow
Múch To turn off/extinguish
Ól To drink
Aimsigh To find
Críochnaigh To finish
Tosaigh To start
Smaoinigh To think
Úsáid To use
Tóg To take
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