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nursing cognition Alzheimer

akathisia abnormal sensations
Anomia loss of person or object names
Aphasia language impairment, receptive or expressive
ataxis poor muscle control or movement
carphologia involuntary picking, same as floccillation
floccillation involuntary picking, same as carphologia
constructional difficulty difficulty drawing or copying 3 dimensional figures
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
echolalia repetition of words or sentences just spoken by another
dementia progressive, irreversible loss of cognitive function
apraxia misuse of objects because of failure to identify them
agnosia inability to recognize familiar sensations, taste, sounds etc.
amnesia memory loss
using refrigerator magnet to cut cake instead of knife example of Apraxia
doesn't remember what lemons taste like example of Agnosia
instead of saying "garage", says "that thing you park the car in" example of Anomia
unable to express oneself example of Aphasia
states, "I can't find my bedroom" example of Amnesia
picks at clothing until there is a hole in the cloth example of carphologia or floccillation
Created by: cbiondillo