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Geog ch 4

Define culture The set of believes, goals, and practices that a group of people share
True or false the world includes many different cultural groups True
What two things lead to changes in culture New ideas Events
True or false each culture is not unique False
Name two aspects of life that we share around us in our culture Language Religion
Cultural diffusion The spread of culture traits from one region to another
How does cultural diffusion occur It occurs when people move from one place to another and takes place as new ideas spread from place to place
Population statistics and trends are important measures of Population change
The study of population _________helps geographers learn about the world Patterns
Define population The total number of people in a given area, determines a great deal about the place in which a person lives
What influences business, transportation, schools and more Population
Geographers study ________population Human
True or false geographers are interested in patterns that emerge overtime True
Migration The process of moving from one place to live in another
True or false migration is a common cause of population change True
What are some world population trends from the last 200 years Better health care, Improved food production
True or false LESS industrialized nations often have HIGH growth rates True
True or false population growth and some of the MORE industrialized nations has begun to SLOW True
Name 4 things the governments of the world include: Democracy monarchy dictatorship communism
Name one way geographers group the countries of the world Their level of economic development
Name 4 things that governments do -Make and enforce laws -regulate business and trade -provide aid to people -help shape the culture and economy of the country as well as the daily lives of people who live there
The economy is A system that includes all of the activities that people and businesses do to earn a living
True or false ; countries do not use a mix of different economic activities in systems False
Geographers divide economic activities into four levels Primary Industry Secondary industry Tertiary industry Quaternary industry
In this level of economic activity goods and services are exchanged. It includes people who sell the products made in secondary Industries and people who provide services rather than goods, such as healthcare Tertiary industry
In this level of economic activity people earn a living by providing raw materials or natural resources to others. Examples include farming, fishing, and mining Primary industry
At this level of economic activity they use natural resources or raw materials to manufacture other products. An example would be automobile manufacturers use steel and other materials to build cars and trucks Secondary industry
In this level of economic activity it involves the research and distribution of information. People work with information rather than good and often have specialized knowledge and skills Quaternary industry
This is a system in which people grow their own food and make their own gods. Trade may take place through barter, or the exchange of goods without the use of money. Often found in rural and remote communities Traditional economy
This link is the world’s countries together through culture and trade Globalization
This was caused by improvements in transportation and communication over the last 100 years Globalization
This refers to cultural traits that are well known and widely excepted. Examples include food, sports, music, and movies Popular culture
This country has great influence on global popular culture and is also influenced by global culture. United States
Interdependence The reliance of one country on the resources, goods, or services of another country – between countries
True or false – expansion of global trade has increased interdependence True
Because of _________,the world seems smaller Globalization
True or false what happens in one part of the world cannot affect the entire planet False
True or false – the world community works together to solve global conflicts and crises True
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