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GSE WS6-CH. 9 Test R

GSE WS6-CH. 9 Test Review

How does the population density of Georgia compare with the population density of the United States? Georgia has a higher population density than the United States.
The United States has the world’s largest deposit of which natural resource? coal
Which of the following BEST describes the climate of the United States? temperate
What is unique about the border between Canada and the United States? It is the longest, undefended border in the world.
In which two hemispheres is the United States located? northern and western
Based on the chart, which city would you expect to have the highest population density? New York
What is the purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? make sure people and companies were following environmental laws
Why did the founders of the United States include checks and balances in the US Constitution? The founders wanted to make sure that each of the three branches of government had a way to have some control over the others.
How did the United States gain its independence? The 13 colonies won the American Revolution.
Why was the development of the telegraph and telephone important to the United States? The invention of the telegraph and telephone made governing a large country easier and faster.
What was the American Civil War fought over? the South’s reliance on slavery
Look at the diagram below: End of WWI------->???-------------> The Great Depression Which event BEST fits in the empty space above? Roaring Twenties
Look at the phrases below: Voter equality Fair treatment of all Equal education All of the phrases above were goals of what event in US history? Civil Rights Movement
Why is September 11, 2001 important in American history? It was when the United States was attacked by terrorists
What as the first governing document of the United States? Articles of Confederation
What type of government does the United States have? presidential democracy
Read the scenario below to answer the next question: Sara has decided to become involved in the government of the United States by running for office. Sara is elected to office. She is one of only two people from her state to serve in the government. Based on the scenario above, what role does Sara have in the United States government? Member of the Senate
Who do citizens elect in the U.S. government? President, Congress
What type of economy does the United States have? market
Which of the following is a challenge technology presents to the US economy? Technology is replacing workers, which increases unemployment.
Constructed Response: What is the purpose of the First Amendment? How does it relate to the creation of the United States? How does the First Amendment make the United States different from countries like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Germany? Student Response requirements:The student clearly explains what the First Amendment is and how it links back to the religious freedom sought by the first Europeans to settle in the United States. The student also contrasts the freedom of religion in the United States with Germany (church tax), North Korea (no religion), and Saudi Arabia (required religion).
Constructed Response: How does trade impact the US economy? Give two examples of imports and exports of the United States. What are two of the United States’ largest trade partners? Student Response requirements:The student clearly explains that trade is important to the US economy. The student lists at least two exports and two imports of the United States. The student also correctly identifies at least two of the US’s top trade partners.
Created by: jpkelley