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Science Ch.2/3


Name the 7 Classifications. (HInt: King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti) Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Family,Genus,Species
Name the 5 Kingdoms. Plants-many celled(make their own food)Animals-many celled(feed on other organisms)Bacteria-one cell(no nucleus)Protists-one celled(some make food, some take in food)Fungi-many celled(absorb food)
What are vertebrates? Organisms with a backbone like humans and dogs.
What are invertebrates? Organisms without a backbone like a jellyfish or spider.
What is a backbone made of? Vertebra with soft discs in between that allow for flexibility and movement.
What is a gymnosperm? A plant that has naked seeds.ex.pine tree=pine cones
What is an angiosperm? A flowering plant that has seeds protected by fruit.ex.apple tree
What is sylem? Tissues that carries water and nutrients from the roots to every part of the plant.
What is a spore? A single reproductive cell that can grow into a new plant.ex.ferns
What are nonvascular plants? -don't have true roots-anchored to ground by rootlike structures-absorb water and nutrients from surroundins and pass through plant cell by cell.-grow short and low to ground
What are vascular plants? -contain vascular tissue that supports plants-carries water and food-can grow large and tall
What do roots do? They absorb and transport food
What do stems do? Carry water and nutrients.
What do leaves do? Make food.
What is photosynthesis? -uses light energy, carbon dioxide and water to make sugar.-takes place in leaf cells-oxygen is a waste product of photosynthesis(poop :))
List flowers to seeds process 1.flowers attract animals2.pollen comes from the anther(male part of one flower)and carried by and animal(like a bee)and...3.pollen is transferred to the stigma(female part) of another flower4.an embryo develops in the ovule5.embryo has a root and
6.ovule wall develops into a protective seed coat7.the ovary becomes a fruit8.fruit with seeds are inside are dispersed(spread around)in different ways to regrow into a flower
Created by: sverkamp