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WT Exam #1

Units that combine coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation into a single basin are Solids Contact Claifiers
2 valves that operate 90 degrees open to shut are: eccentric and butterfly
Which of the following methods is best for determining the depth of water in a clear well Bubbler
Chlorine expands approximately how many times from liquid to gas? 450
Normally calcium and magnesium ions are expressed as__________ when dealing with softening. CaCo3
What is the logarithm of the reciprocal of the hydrogen ion activity? pH
Name two reverse flow conditions that cause backflow in a distribution system? backpressure or backflow
The nephlometric method of measuring turbidity is based on: scattering of light
What is the name of the nutrient poor portion of a lake? Ogliotrophic
What is the name of the nutrient rich portion of a lake? Eutrophic
The amount of water per foot of drawdown is commonly referred to as Specific Capacity
What must you do with the packing when repacking a pump? Cut at least 2 pieces of packing and stagger the cuts 180 degrees
What are the only 2 substances for which standards have been set pose an immediate threat to health when exceeded? Bacteria and nitrates
What is the C factor? The measure of the roughness of the interior of a pipe
Cracking, shrinkage, and mud balls in a filter are usually caused by improper backwashing techniques
Alkalinity consist predominantly in which of the following forms? bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide
According to the safe water drinking act, the basic definition of a public water supply system is any water system that supplies water for human consumption that serves…… 15 service connections or over 25 persons for over 60 days a year
What is the most important test to indicate proper sedimentation? Turbidity
Created by: Waterhead