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Module C Content

Pharmacology Module C Content

rights of medication administration right patient, right drug, right dose, right time, right route, right documentation
brand/trade name in all caps
generic name in all lower case
controlled substance schedule 2 drug
sublingual under tongue
buccal between cheek and gum
liquids elixirs, emulsions, and suspensions; in plastic dosing cups that measure in mL
elixirs sweetened, hydro-alcoholic liquids used in the preparation of oral liquid medications
emulsions mixture of two liquids that are not mutually soluable
suspensions liquids in which particles are mixed but not dissolved
transdermals a patch placed on the skin and is absorbed through the skin to produce a systemic effect; reservoir and matrix
topical applied to the skin by painting or spreading the medication over an area and applying a moist dressing or leaving the area exposed to air
instillations liquid medications usually administered as drops, ointments, or sprays
inhalations metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) are handheld devices used to deliver a number of commonly prescribed asthma and bronchitis drugs to lower respiratory tract via inhalation
suppositiories solid medical preparation that is cone- or spindle- shaped for insertion into the rectum, globular or egg shaped for use in the vagina, or pencil shaped for insertion into the urethra
intradermal injection site skin testing; forearm, subclavical, scapula
subcutaneous injection site posterior arm, upper thigh, love handles
intramuscular injection site ventrogluteal, dorsogluteal, deltoid, vastus lateralis
deltoid injection site acromion process (place 4 fingers on deltoid muscle, pointer finger along acromion process, three fingerwidth below acromion process)
vastus lateralis injection site can inject up to 3mL; greater trochanter of femur, patella (outer middle third muscle)
ventrogluteal greater trochanter of femur, tubercle of iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine
ventrogluteal injection site heel of hand over greater trochanter on side of hip, thumb toward groin, pointer finger toward anterior superior iliac spine, middle finger back along iliac crest toward buttock. makes a V shaped triangle, inject in the center
dorsogluteal injection site can inject up to 3mL; greater trochanter of femur, tuberlce of iliac crest posterior superior iliac spine; does not use anymore bc of sciatic nerve placement
diluent the liquid used to reconstitue a dry powder
insulin administration use ONLY an insulin syringe; may have 2 types of insulin so first draw regular (clear) then NPH (cloudy)
mixing insulin roll NPH in hands, inject air in NPH, inject air in regular, withdraw dose of regular, have another nurse verify correct dose of r, withdraw dose of NPH, have anther nurse verify
eyedrops gently pull down on the skin below the eye to expose conjunctival sac; apply drops to the middle third of sac, and apply gentle pressure over the lacrimal duct after administration
eye ointment squeeze a 1/4 in. wide strip of ointment into the conjuctival sac
ear drops children: pull auricle down and back; adults: auricle up and out
reservoir patch can't cut
matrix patch can cut; contains fentanyl
intradermal needle 10-15* angle; can inject 0.01-0.1mL; 25-27 gauge, 1/4-1/2 in. long; 1mL syringe; bevil up
subcutaneous needle 45*, 65*, 90* angle; can inject 0.5-1mL; 25-27 gauge, 1/2-5/8 in. long; 1-3mL syringe
intramuscular needle 90* angle; can inject 1-1.5mL; 18-25 gauge, 5/8-1 1/2 in. long; 1-3mL syringe
deltoid needle 90* angle; can inject 0.5-1mL; 23-25 gauge, 5/8-1 1/2 in. long
ventrogluteal needle slightly angle towards iliac crest; can inject up to 3mL; can inject 1-1.5mL; 18-25 gauge, 1 1/2 in. long
Created by: kaela04