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Unit 2 (Science)

Weathering Erosion and Deposition

Weathering Chemical and physical breakdown of rocks into sediment. Occurs when the rocks environment changes and the rock is exposed to some form of water and air.
Chemical Weathering A chemical change within the rocks minerals causing them to fall apart. Most commonly caused by oxidation, hydrolysis, and carbonation.
Physical Weathering The process that breaks rocks apart without changing their chemical composition. Caused by: Abrasion-rapidly moving water, glaciers, or wind. Ice Wedging-freezing and thawing. Plant Roots-growing in cracks expand and break rocks. Burrowing and Temp.change
Erosion The process that moves bits of rock or soil from one place to another. Erosion is caused by: gravity water wind and ice (glaciers)
Deposition The process in which sediments, soil, and rocks are added to a landform such as deltas, flood plains, sand bars, and sand dunes. Occurs when when the forces moving sediments are no longer able to overcome the forces of gravity and friction.
What affects transportation of sediments? Running water is the primary agent of erosion. The velocity (speed) or running water depends on gradient (slope) and discharge. (amount of water)
Features created by wind: 1. arches 2. sand dunes 3.mushroom rocks
Features created by gravity: 1. landslides (fast) 2. mudflows 3. slump/creep (slow)
Features created by glaciation: 1. U shaped valley 2. hanging valley 3. horn 4. moraine 5.cirque 6. tarn lake 7. arĂȘte
Ecoregion Areas defined by its environmental conditions especially climate, landforms, and soil characteristics. Climate-weather conditions in an area over time. Landforms-crustal material. Soil characteristics-amount of vegetation.
Created by: Samra.Besic