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special procedures

Eye irrigation Relieves local inflammation, to apply antiseptic solution, or to flush out exudate or caustic/irritating solutions. Warm saline or water
Eye compresses Relieves discomfort caused by irritation, inflammation, and/or infection.
Ear irrigation Cleanses the external auditory canal. Small syringe and solution at body temperature.
Nasal irrigation Soothe inflamed mucous membranes and washes away dried mucous, secretions, or any foreign matter present, Neti pot or bulb syringe.
Effects of heat Vasodilation occurs for less than one hour. Improves blood flow to the affected area. Increases oxygen and nutrient supply to injured tissue.
Effects of cold Vasoconstriction. Tissue ischemia due to decreased circulation supplying oxygen and nutrients. Decreases circulation; this can assist in slowing bleeding. Erythema, mottling, and numbing can occur.
REEDA redness (errythemia), edema, ecchymosis (bruising), drainage, approximation.
Hot, moist compresses Gauze moistened in warm solution. Increases circulation, decreases edema, consolidates exudates. Better conductor of heat than dry heat.
Warm soaks Immersing a body part in a warm solution. Increases circulation, reduces edema, wound debridement, muscle relaxation. Allows medicated solutions to be applied to large areas.
Paraffin baths Consists of a mixture of paraffin wax and mineral oil. Provides comfort for patients who have painful arthritis or other joint discomforts. Physical therapist administer.
Aquathermia pads (K-Pads) Dry heat application. Safer than electric heating pads. 20-30 min.
Dry heat application Larger than a compress and used for larger areas of the body. Commercially prepared pack provide warm, dry heat. Hot packs, hot water bottles, electric pads.
Cold, moist, and dry compresses. Apply for 20 min. Treats inflammation and prevents edema.
Ice bags or collars Reduce edema formation, reduce bleeding.
Created by: Emily.meier