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elimination pt.2

Nasogastric tubes Tube passed through nasopharynx to the stomach. Removes gas, fluids, toxic substances from stomach.
Gastric gavage Delivers fluids or nutrients.
Gastric lavage Used in cases of poisoning or stop GI bleeding, instill into stomach and suctioning it back out, room-temp medications or solutions.
Gastric decompression Removes air and fluids, may help prevent distention, nausea, and vomiting.
Fecal incontinence Inability to control the passage of feces and gas. Often due to antibiotic use.
Constipation Infrequent bowel movements, difficulty in evacuating feces, inability to defecate, and hard feces. Occurs when intestinal motility slows and the body absorbs additional fecal water content.
Hemorrhoids Swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus causing discomfort and bleeding. Internal and external. Heat can provide relief.
Flatulence Presence of air or gas in the intestinal tract. Walking is the most effective to promote peristalsis.
Rectal tube Relieves flatulence.
Enema Instillation of solution into rectum and sigmoid colon to stimulate peristalsis and evacuation of feces.
Oil-retention enema Lubricates rectum and colon. Can be used with digital removal of fecal impaction.
Medicated enema Contains pharmacological therapeutic agents.
Tap water enema Hypotonic solution. Only done once. Risk for water toxicity and circulatory overload.
Normal saline enema Safest, used for infants and children.
Fleet enema Hypertonic solution. Smaller amount of fluid used for procedure.
Soapsuds enema Castile soap added to solution. Add soap after water/saline is already in bag.
Harris Flush enema Helps expel gas. Fluid flows in and out of large intestine stimulating peristalsis.
Fecal impaction Collection of feces in the rectum that forms a mass that becomes so large/hard that the patient is unable to pass it voluntarily. Pt can experience fecal incontinence. Oil-retention enema.
Ostomy A surgical procedure that creates an artificial opening for the elimination of bodily wastes.
Colostomy Surgical creation by cutting the colon and bringing it out through a stoma on the abdominal surface. Liquid-formed stool.
Ileostomy Surgical creation by cutting the ileum and bringing it out through a stoma on the abdominal surface. Liquid stool.
Urostomy Diversion of urine away from a diseased or defective bladder through a surgically created opening in the skin. Aka ileal conduit.
Continent ostomies Surgeries that have eliminated the external pouch. One way valves are created. Allows for patient to insert catheter through stoma and emptying of pouch at regular intervals throughout the day.
Kock pouch Holds small amount of liquid or feces.
Orthotopic neobladder Ileal pouch replaced bladder. Normal voiding. Bladder training necessary.
Created by: Emily.meier