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7th Grade Europe

Geographers look at the world on what 3 levels? Local, Regional, and Global Levels
Name 4 tools that geographers use in their collection of information and data. maps, globes, satellite images, notebooks and audio/video recordings
Name the 5 themes of geography. human-environment interaction, location, place, movement, region
What is a general description of the Climate in the Temperate Zone? Sunny, warm summers, and mild wet winters
Petroleum nonrenewable resource
What is the one type of climate that can occur at many different latitudes? Highland Climate
What is a general description of where we can find most of the world's rain forests? on the equator
What is a disadvantage of nuclear power it produces dangerous waste
What can happen to habitats if there is a change in the environment? they can be destroyed
Which Greek city-state produces some of the greatest pilosophers in history Athens
Name the sea that is located between Greece and Turkey Aegean
What battle did Leonidus lead the Spartans in? Thermopylae
Greece has what 3 types of climate zones? Mediterranean, Highland, and Tropical
Name the 3 seas that border Greece Mediterranean, Caspian, and Adriatic
What were the 3 kingdom periods in ancient Egyptian history? Old, middle, and new
Who kidnapped Helen of Troy Paris
What product to service industries produce? None
What was an independent government that rules the country side around it called in ancient Greece? city-states
What country is located to the west of Spain and lies on the Atlantic Ocean Coast Portugal
What was the ancient capital of Egypt? Memphis
What is the importance of the Valley of the Kings in Egyptian history? where the pharaohs were buried
What Egyptian tomb did Howard Carter discover King Tut's
What was the mainland of Greece called Crete
What did the ancient Egyptians call the paper they made from reeds? Papyrus
What did Greek philosophers, teachers and builders help Alexander the Great spread in the ancient world? Greek Culture
What countries make up the United Kingdom? England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
What is the dominant religion in Russia Christianity
Which Egyptian pharaoh was best known as a great warrior and builder? Ramses the Great
What body of water separates the United Kingdom from France? English Channel
Who was the first woman to become a Pharaoh of Egypt? Hatshepsut
What mountain range separates Europe from Asia? Urals
Mummification process is associated with who? Osiris
How did Rosetta Stone help scholars understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics? It helped historians by giving a Greek translation of the ancient hieroglyphics.
When was an olive wreath put on the door of an ancient Greek home When a boy was born.
What city-state contains the Greek building called the Parthenon? Athens
What style of government tells you what your occupation will be? Communism
In a constitutional monarchy who has the real power? Parliament
In Greek history what style of government had to have a 51% majority vote to approve any action? Republic
Which style of government believes that the rule should be by the elite? Aristocracy
What type of ruler do we refer to leaders such as Hitler as being? Dictatorship
Created by: PRO Teacher JohnW