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Srehto dna aisenodni

Indonesia It is a country composed of beautiful islands and scenic spots. It has different religious beliefs and speak different languages.
Culture of Indonesia It is greatly influenced by eastern traditions like Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.
Elements of the traditional music of Indonesia Slendro(male), Pelog(female), Irama
These have five tones that are equidistant in an octave. Slendro(male)
Pathets They are the modes in music used to determine the highness and lowness of pitch
It is the lowest mode of the male part Slendro pathet nem
Slendro pathet sanga It is the medium mode of the male part
Slendro pathet manyura It is the highest mode of the male part
It is a heptatonic scale or seven-tone scale with semi tones Pelog(female)
tittilaras ji-ro-lu syllables. Each notation has its own tone and system of designating notes by it
It is the medium high of the female part pelog pathet nem
It is the lowest mode of the female part pelog pathet lima
It is the highest mode of the female part Pelog pathet barang
Irama It is an Indonesian tempo which is a musical concept that describes the melodic tempo in Javanese Gamelan music
It is the most important musical ensemble in Indonesia Gamelan
Gamelan instruments there 40 instruments. Only 13 different kinds. arrangement og instrument is important.
Gamelan Orchestra It is the most popular form of music in Indonesia
It is the term used for every kind of gamelan music in Java Karawitan
It plays the skeletal part of the gamelan composition. which consists of metal bars placed on top of a box resonator. A wooden mallet is used to strike. Saron
It is the largest and lowest instrument of the Saron family. Saron Demung
Seven bronze bars. 20 cm high which is played with the player seated on the floor. It is smaller than the demung but sounds an octave higher. Saron Barung
It is a small xylophone with thick metal bars that sounds an octave higer than the barung Saron Peking
It is similar to a mandolin but only has two string played with an arc Rebab
Celempung It has 26 strings where one pair is set to a tone.
Suling/Seruling It is an Indonesian bamboo ring flute.
Gender It has a loud and brilliant sounds that is made up of bronze plates suspended over resonating tubes.
It is played with one mallet but can be played with two if it is very fast. the floor-seated player strikes node of the pot with the soft end of a mallet. Kenong
it is a medium-sized bronze gong with strong thick cord through two holes of a rim. nagas(dragons) Gong Suwukan
Bonang A set of bronze metal kettles which plays the melodic and rhythmic variations of a composition that is played by striking the gongs with two long sticks.
Gong Ageng it is the most sacred, honored instrument of the gamelan that is played with a soft padded wooden stick to mark large musical phrases
It is a wooden xylophone that doubles or anticipates the principal melody Gambang
It is a set of high pitched hanging knobbed gongs Kempul
It is a mid-sized gamelan drum which is made out of a water buffalo hide heads laced together. Kendhang
Ceng-ceng Symbals which are struck together for a bright metallic sound that is made of beaten gongs.
Sang Hyang Guru honorable and most sacred man that is allowed to play the gong ageng
It is a folk music, fast, has dynamic tempo and made out of metallophones/gongs Balinese gamelan
It is a court music, slow and solemn, and is percussion dominated Javanese gamelan
Created by: judy leen