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Science Vocab 4

my science words i need to study

point-source pollution pollution that enters water from a specific source that can be identified
nonpoint-source pollution pollution with a widely spread source that can't be tied to a specific point of origin
desalination the process of removing salt from ocean water
continental shelf the flat or gently sloping land that lies submerged around the edges of a continent and that extends from the shoreline out to the continental slope
sonar a system that uses underwater sound waves to measure distance and locate objects
remote sensing the science of obtaining info about an object or physical environment using data that has been acquired with a sensor technology device that is not in contact with the object or environment
downwelling the movement of water from the surface to greater depths carrying oxygen down allowing animals to live deep in the ocean
upwelling the vertical movement of deep water to the surface bringing up nutrients from the deep ocean allowing animals to thrive
estuary a shoreline area where fresh water from a river mixes with salt water from the ocean
kelp forest a large community of kelp, a type of seaweed that can attach to the ocean floor
Created by: rainb0wz3bra