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Seminole County Fl Biology

What are the three parts of the cell theory? all living things are made of cells, cells are the basic unit of life, cells come from preexisting cells
What is the function of lysosomes within a cell? to break down things in the cell
Describe facilitated diffusion. uses a helper protein to move things across the cell membrane, does not use energy
What would happen to an animal cell if you placed it in super salty water? the water inside the cell would go out and the cell would shrink
Which type of cell has a nucleus, eukaryotic or prokaryotic? eukaryotic
Do prokaryotic cells have mitochondria? no
Which elements make up a protein? CHON; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
What is the most important macromolecule in the synthesis of proteins? nucleic acids because of DNA
Glucose is a carbohydrate. Which elements make up a carbohydrate? CHO; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
Which macromolecule provide fast energy? carbs (sugar)
What are the functions of proteins? transport substances, speed up reactions, make hormones
What are proteins called that lower the activation energy allowing reactions to move more quickly? enzymes
How does temperature effect enzyme activity? it usually increases it but if too hot it will break down (denature) the enzyme and the chemical reaction will slow down
True or False. Enzymes only work on specific substrates. True
Which properties of water contribute to capillary action, the ability for water to move up against gravity? cohesion and adhesion
What word means a conclusion drawn based on evidence and assumption? inference
Do theories become laws? no
What is the difference between a theory and a law? Theories are supported explanations and laws are well supported descriptions.
Created by: crystalhawes