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Sociology Chapter 2


Max Weber Value-free sociology
Unobtrusive Measure Does not disturb the setting or subjects under study
Probability Sampling Obtain a sample that reflects characteristics of a population
2 Steps of Ethnography 1. Researcher participates in & observes a setting 2. Researcher makes a written account of what goes on there
Participant Observation Researcher both observes & becomes a member in a social setting
Ethnography Qualitative study people in their own environments in order to understand the meanings they give to their activities
Spurious Correlation Relationship that seems to exist between two variables, but it is actually caused by some external, or intervening variable
Causation Relationship in which 1 variable causes another variable to change
Correlation Relationship between 2 variables
Paradigm Shift Change in the way we think about something, Thomas Kuhn
Scientific Method Procedure for acquiring knowledge that emphasizes collecting data through observation & experiment
Qualitative Research Uses nonnumerical data like texts, interviews, photos, & recordings to help us understand social life
Quantitative Research Translates the social world into numbers that can be studied mathematically
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