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Sociology Chapter 1


Modernism Paradigm that trusts in STEM to create progress
Postmodernist Theory Social reality is diverse, pluralistic, & changing
Queer Theory Deviant or normal?, newer theory, socially constructed theory, rose up in 70's & 80's
Feminist Theory Looks at both gender qualities in society & how to remedy
Erving Goffman Studied how the self is developed through interactions with others in society
George Herbert Meade Studied connection between thought & action or individual & society
Max Weber Studied how society was becoming normalized
Karl Marx German philosopher & political activist who contributed to Conflict Theory
Emile Durkheim Worked to establish sociology as an important academic discipline
Herbert Spencer First great English Speaking Sociologist, coined the term Survival of the Fittest, believed in Evolution
Harriet Martineau Social Activist that traveled U.S. & wrote about social changed that were radical
Auguste Conte Stated sociology needed to be treated like any other scientific discipline
Theories Propositions that seek to explain the social world & make predictions about future events
The Micro-Macro Continuum Self -> Interaction -> Socialization -> Roles -> Groups -> Social Inequality -> Social Institutions -> Culture -> Society
Macrosociology Large scale social structures determine how they impact groups & individuals
Microsociology Small group interactions to see how they impact larger institutions in society
Culture Shock Sense of disorientation you experience when entering a new environment
Bernard McGrane Says it's important we clear our mind of stereotypes, expectations, & opinions so we can have new experiences
Sociological Perspective How to look at the world
Socialization Teaching/Learning to live in Society
Institutions Structures in our society like education & economics, that are regular, continuous, & maintained by social norms
Society Group of people who shape their lives in patterned ways that distinguish groups
Sociology Study of Group Science
Howard Becker Studied people doing things together because individuals nor society exist without both
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