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Stack #28695

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Science Chapter 4E

What is made from red seaweed that is used in medical laboratories to grow bacteria, molds, and tissues? agar
What is a colorless, odorless, burnable gas produced from decomposing organic matter? methane
Getting fresh water from salt water is called what? desalination
Contaminating our enviroment with wastes is called what? pollution
What fuels do offshore oil rigs drill for? fossil fuels
A power plant built on the Rance River generates' power from what? tides
Ordinary people are responsible for ocean pollution through the production of what? sewage
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) depends on differences in water ______. temperature
The use of salters ducks is an attempt to capture the energy of what? waves
What toxic pollutant accident happened in Minamata, Japan? mercury
The raising of animals and sea weed in closed off portions of oceans is an example of what? aquaculture
What is putting many species of sea life in danger of becoming extinct? fishing
What acid from brown sea weed is used to make ice cream? Alginic acid
An international ban on whale hunting was enacted in what year? 1985
What is a possible source (large, frozen) of fresh water in our oceans? ice bergs
Created by: mr.olson