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Chap. 2-Logan

Plymouth was an__________or Puritan settlement. English
The 1950's and 1960's were a time when different groups gained equal rights
Canada was a ___________settlement. French
An______________is probably most useful to an archeologist who is studying a group of early hunter-gatherers. artifact
One effect of immigration in the late 1800's was _______were passed limiting the number of ______________. laws newcomers
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in___________. 1876
The states made a_________________that established two bodies in Congress. compromise
The Manifest Destiny led to conflict with the____________ ________. American Indians
The word however signals ______________. contrasts
The Civil War began in the year______________. 1861
Abraham Lincoln was associated with the_______________. Union
The Cold War was "cold" because the leaders avoided a "hot war" which would have involved dropping an ____________ __________. atomic bomb
Amendments were written which led to the creation of the ________ ___ ____________. Bill of Rights
Jamestown was an ________settlement. English
The___________________ of 1763 led to the American colonists wanting independence from Britain. Proclamation
Jefferson Davis was associated with the_____________. Confederacy
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both__________________of the United States. president
Because business failed, people ____________their jobs and the _____________ _________________began. lost Great Depression
In the year__________, gold was discovered in California. 1848
Enslaved Africans working in cotton fields were associated with_______________. Confederacy
The Transcontinental Railroad was completed in ___________. 1869
Ulysses S. Grant was associated with the _________________. Union
_____ ___________was a Spanish settlement. St. Augustine
Factories that needed cotton to make cloth were associated with the _____________. Union
Robert E. Lee was associated with the ______________. Confederacy
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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