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Justice fairness in care delivery and use of resources
Beneficence action that promotes good for others, without any self-interest
Fidelity fulfillment of promises
Nonmaleficence a commitment to do no harm
Veracity a commitment to tell the truth
Governance establishes and maintains social, political, and economic arrangements that give professionals the means to control their professional affairs, including their practice self-discipline, and working conditions
Socialization the process by which individuals learn to become members of groups and society as well as learn the social rules defining the relationships into which they will enter
Consumer is any person or group that uses a service or commodity
Telecomunication means by which information is transferred from one site to another via cable, radio, and other systems
Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) requires that all competent adults be informed in writing upon admission to a healthcare institution about their rights to accept or refuse medical care and to use advance directives (American Bar Association)
Refusal of treatment competent adults have the right to refuse treatment, including the right to leave a facility without a discharge prescription from a provider
Advocacy support of clients health, wellness, safety, and personal rights, including privacy
Responsiblity specific obligation associated with the performance duties of a particular role
Accountability ability to answer for one's own actions
Confidentiality protection of privacy without diminishing access to high-quality cre
Autonomy freedom or independence
Standards of care (Practice) are professional standards or guidelines used to determine what a nurse should or should not do
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