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Knowledge map #1-22

Knowledge map for social studies

Countries become (blank) when goods and services are imported and exported Interdependent
(blank) is the spread of ideas from one culture to another. Cultures are never the same after (blank) occurs. Diffusion
2 adjectives to describe the Greeks land. Rocky and mountainous
Two main Polises for Greece are... Athens and Sparta
Who is the father of democracy? Cleisthenes
What were Greeks first to use... voting
A (blank) is when all citizens vote on all government issues together. An example is ancient Greece. direct democracy
A (blank) is when citizens elect other people to make the decisions for them. An example is the United States. representative democracy
The Greeks were the first to use (blank) in their buildings. Columns
What are the 3 types of modern philosophy's? Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
What is the Hippocratic oath? a pledge to behave with good morals, which doctors still follow today.
what did Euclid create? rules you use in geometry
Ancient Greeks created the (blank) which allowed heavy objects to be lifted with less force. Pulley Blocks
What was one thing that the Greeks created? One way they used it was to bring water from a river to a higher level. The screw
The ancient Greeks created the first (blank) in honor to their gods. Olympic Games
Who discovered the principle of buoyancy? Archimedes
Waht are the upper class roman people called? Patricians
Rome was the first place to have a (blank) form of government? Republic
What does it mean to veto a law? to stop it from passing.
What is the separation of power called? checks and balances
What is the written code of Roman laws called the twelve tables
What does it mean to have a civic duty? They had a responsibility to participate in the government
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