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Short Review of the Autonomic Nervous System

What does the peripheral nervous system (PNS) consist of? all the neurons and ganglia outside of the CNS
Afferent neurons sensory- from periphery to CNS
Efferent neurons motot-from CNS to PNS
What are the 2 main neurotransmitters of the ANS? acetylcholine and norepinephrine
What does the autonomic nervous system do? without conscious effort controls involuntary activities in smooth muscle, secretory glands and visceral organs.
What are cholinergenic fibers? nerves that secrete acetylcholine
What type of effects does acetylcholine cause on body organs and tissues? parasympathetic affects
What are adrenergic fibers? Fibers that secrete norepinephrine
What type of effect does norepinephrine have on the organs and tissues? A sympathetic effect
Stimulation of the ANS can be what? Either sympathetic or parasympathetic
What are ligands? Neurotransmitters, meds, or hormones that bind to receptors
What is a ligand that bind to a receptor called? A first messenger
What does the ligand-receptor combo then activate? A cell-membrane bound protein. An effector enzyme that activates molecule inside the cell (that is referred to as the 2nd messenger).
Created by: cspearsall